2015年3月3日 星期二

My experience with Yuen Quan Chen style Taichi(An Gunnar)

My experience with Yuen Quan Chen style Taichi

雲觀學苑  安古那(陳政德校譯,林麗雲老師二校)

Since arriving to Asia 15 years ago I have ever wanted to learn Tai Chi. But in the past years I was too busy to find the required peace and time … Then coming to Taiwan in 2013 I knew this was a
great chance to learn this ancient Taoist martial art.
I found Yuen Quan with the help of my wife via her friend’s husband, who had joined Master Lin’s Tuesday evening class. Master Lin told us that for learning Taichi on professional basis it would be better to join her Taichi organization ‘Yuen Quan’, practicing everyday 6-9am in Chung Chin University.
Yeah, and that’s how I came to Yuen Quan. My first day was after Chinese New Year in Feb’14 and since then I joined (almost) every day.
The beginning was quite tough, although I enjoyed it from the 1st day. Yuen Quan members welcomed me warmheartedly and to my surprise they told me to practice in 1st row to learn faster. First I felt strange as beginner surrounded by Taichi professionals. But soon I felt comfortable and realized that practicing Taichi together was fun.
Doing the Chan Se Tsing practice my foot soles started burning, and too intensive practice of Form 38 resulted my knee joints to hurting a lot. Eventually it took about ten months until these problems finally receded. Now I feel standing with both feet strongly connected to the ground. I also managed to release any muscle tension in the feet & ankles, so that I can stand fully relaxed. That should be the right setup for proper chi passage from the ground through the feet.
Another experience are the movements of Forms 38 and Lau Jia Yi Lu: In the beginning it was hard to remember so many details in precision; to me it very much felt like unnatural movements! But over time this experience changed substantially to very comfortable. I have started practicing these forms frequently to further familiarize myself according to the saying: “after repeated a thousand times won’t forget it anymore”
I have been told that after practicing Taichi movements correctly for a period of time, Chi could be felt directly and addressed to some parts of the body. Until now I haven’t experienced such, but looking forward to happen such.
I got to know many interesting people in Yuen Quan: starting from our dear master Lin, as a role model for high standards in Taichi, as a strong leader every day, with never-ending energies. I would have many questions to Master Lin, but unfortunately my Mandarin language talent too low. So sorry!
I’m further thankful to other senior members, who translated master’s teachings for me and kindly helped to correct mistakes in Taichi movements.
In general Yuen Quan members appear to me as very kind people with a common traditional mindset and a goal to perform Taichi arts together.
Wherever I will go after this time in Taiwan, I will never forget Yuen Quan’s hospitability and will be always glad to return on vacations back to Taichung.

An Gunnar

我在雲觀太極                             雲觀學苑  安古那